The history of KSE

Kevin Qvarnström founded KSE in 1977. In the beginning the company was mainly a sound engineering business.

At the end of the 80′s KSE found the light. The lightning engineer Jesper Olsson came on board.

A couple of years later in the beginning off the 90′s Adrian Qvarnström got involved. At that time the company started to develope slowly. More business and less rock’n'roll.

In 1999 when Mattias Oskarsson was in charge the operation was defined and became just about what it is to this day. This was most likely what lead up to us being named most succesful local business in our municipality Partille in 2002.

Other defining moments during these years was when Ola Schönbeck started our screen/video department in 2000; when Ann-Sofie Borsing came in and took care over the financial side 2001 and of course our 25th anniversary 2002 (Anniversary homepage).

At that time we made our first Christmas Carol Video.

The last few years our development has continued. Things of note:
2003 We got rated trippel-A
2004 We moved from the old barn in Utby to our new facilities in Sävedalen.
2006 The first year that we threw our famous Loading Bay Barbecue.
2007 KSE celebrates its 30th anniversary with a great part at Balders Hage.
2007 KSE reaches the highest credit rating at UC.
2008 We are named a fast growing so called Gasellföretag by Swedens leading daily business newspaper Dagens Industri.
2009 The second Christmas Carol Video


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