Visit Sweden, technical booth concept

KSE has helped Speak Marketing to develop a concept for the booth for when Visit Sweden participates in exhibitions around the world. Leon Lewandowski from Speak Marketing AB, is the man behind the design and operation of a stand that has done over twenty trade shows since 2007. During that time it has become known as a very functional and well-designed booth. High quality in every aspect also makes it completely reusable from one exhibition to another. During one of the largest pro exhibitions, EIBTM in Barcelona in December 2009, the booth received the environmental award from the organizer because of this. The technical solutions in the booth concept are by us at KSE.

You immediately notice the four towers which on two sides are covered with what is perceived as a massive viewing area for video. As the standard solutions for this type of imaging technology did not produce the desired result, KSE’s Ola Schönebeck sat down by the drawing board. After some experimenting and testing Ola came up with an entirely new product, which satisfied the customer’s needs for both quality and cost. The solution consists of six 37″ screens per column which are mounted vertically in sets of three. Normally there are four pillars at the booth making a total of twenty-four screens. All is run by two custom-built computers and custom software.

The image theme of the pillars is switched, depending on the sponsors involved, what country you are in the moment, and for keeping the booth fresh and interesting. Other technology, such as rigs, light, sound, computers and video is tailored, depending on customer requirements. Every once in a while we have artists on the stand representing Sweden at its best.

Speak Marketing and Visit Sweden are two of the customers that keep coming to us at KSE with new creative ideas, which we gladly take on and carry out. Our latest contribution consists of a super directional speaker that can throw the sound up to 30 meters and hit an area of half a square meter. This allows us to play, for instance, a message to someone in the aisle outside the booth standing in ”sweetspot”, without disturbing other visitors. The message in this case consists of a male and a female voice who take turns in whispering ”Visit Sweden” in 5 second intervals. Passers-by perceive it as if someone is whispering right into their ear. Since the speaker is extremely targeted, two people can walk past the speaker and only one of them hears the whisper. This makes for humorous situations, as many people will enter the booth and ask who or what whispered in their ear, and how this happened.

Speak Marketing

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Visit Sweden

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