Krimlab at Universeum, technical solutions

KSE has in cooperation with Space Production and PONG completed the exhibition Krimlab for Universeum. (Universeum is Scandinavias biggest science center situated in Gothenburg.) Krimlab is one of their exhibitions showing the use of science in criminal investigations.

We designed all the technical solutions for the exhibition as well as the lighting. Space was in charge of the project and built the exhibition and PONG developed the software.

It has been a very creative project under tight time schedule. The exhibition opened Wednesday March 31st.

Working for KSE in this project was Jesper Olsson with lighting design, Ola Schönbeck as project manager and technical solutions and Kjell Person construction and assembly.

Commissioned by:
Space Production



KRIMLAB, Lögndetektorn KRIMLAB, Lögndetektorn KRIMLAB, Mikroskåp


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