KSE is growing and evolving

A couple of weeks ago, we had a good time at our loading bay together with friends, clients and partners. We ate and drank well – had rum and coffee tasting – we hung out and listened to great music. The Gothenburg Improvisation Theater was there and played improvisation games with us from the stage.

In conjunction with this year’s first barbecue we decided to share some news with our closest friends who were there. We had said beforehand that there was going to be more of us, the we were becoming larger and more feminine.

This is no secret. That is why we feel it is important to elaborate a little on what it really is we have done and are doing.

KSEs grillfest

More of us

This means that the KSE are recruiting new forces. It’s about a few reinforcements of different kinds who we surely will have reasons to tell you more about further on. Here we will introduce two of them briefly, and we expect to have more news in the near future.

Dan Lindgren
Has previously worked at Telemekano as an installer and a programmer.
His skills include, video, image and computer engineering.
He is to work at KSE with primarily image and video as well as design and production.

Göran Widham
He has previously worked at an event/communications agency in Stockholm and as a freelance communications advisor.

His expertise includes marketing, communication and the use of event technology.
Göran was hired both to handle KSE’s own marketing efforts as well as to grow sales of major events by serving as creator and project manager.


KSE aren’t growing only in manpower. We also knocked out the wall to our neighbor and thus made our warehouse a considerable number of cubic meters larger. The additional surface also facilitates the expansion of our office to house our new recruits.

More feminine

The CEO position is taken over by Ann-Sofie Sträng. She has long been our CFO. With ten years experience working at KSE and three years as a partner, she has a good understanding of the business. The appointment is a natural step from Ann-Sofie already having had staff responsibility.

KSEs grillfest


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