Saab launch of the new 9-5 for press and dealers

KSE has helped Saab install the technology for lighting, sound and image, when they transformed different rooms (changing rooms, etc.) inside the factory site to a separate exhibition hall.

The new exhibition hall is used for the first time when Saab launches the new 9-5. During two months, the new car is shown to invited guests. The project premiered for specially invited guests on Friday, May 28. The first two weeks the car was shown to the world press. Between the end of May and June 11 the factory was visited by hundreds of journalists from newspapers, radio and television. Now dealers from around the world are traveling to Trollhättan. They visit the new exhibition hall in groups inside the Saab factory almost daily for six weeks this summer.

KSE have been involved in the design of the use of sound, light and image in these exhibitions, not only in the showroom, but also in Restaurang Albert where dinner is served, and at  Saab’s own test track. We are also responsible for all installation of the technology and the technical production on site during all 8 weeks. Our staff is spending the summer taking care of sound, light and image so that everything is in place every day during this important launch for Saab.

Foto: Göran Anderson

Saab Automobile


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