Breakthrough in Hallandsåsen – KSE assists

Genombrott Hallandsåsen 2010 KSE manages the audio-visual technologies. It’s been a very exciting project with great uncertainty about when the drill will break through. Technology and staff have been on standby for several weeks. The special environment in the tunnel requires innovative and ingenious solutions. We have worked together with aplusa, Sapp, Skanska and the Swedish Road Administration to make an exciting event of this historic moment.

Inside the drill chamber we used the same technology as in our silent disco. The visitors received continuous information under their hearing protection. We projected slide shows directly on the tunnel walls and lit the 200 meter tunnel with effect lights. In the tunnel entrance, we set up a series of image surfaces, rig, audio and lighting.

Sapp did the image production for cameras and webcast.

Now we are headed home to clean the equipment, which is literally covered in dust…


Cameras and webcast:



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