International doctors among the cliffs of Bohuslän

The French event agency Pur’events contacted KSE for assistance with a dinner in Bohuslän nature. In connection with an international dermatologist congress in Gothenburg October 6 to 10 the were responsible for a dinner for invited doctors at the Watercolor Museum in Skärhamn.

Akvarellmuséet i Skärhamn

KSE was in charge of lighting and sound. An important part of the assignment was to create a good atmosphere for the dinner, but even more important was to give guests an experience of Bohuslän rocks, even though it was a dark and cold October evening. We lit the surrounding rocks to reinforce the impression of closeness to the sea and nature. A closeness that guests could enjoy through the panoramic windows inside the Watercolor Museum’s charming facilities.

That this first collaboration with the French Agency was to their satisfaction is quite clear in the letter we received a few days after the event:

The quality of your service, your availability and help really satisfied me. I know that everything wasn’t easy for you, and especially my recurrent emails & questions, but you were always available and nice to me, so thanks a lot ! But everything needs to be precise, and all the details are important!

The last thing important I wanted to say is a special thanks to all of your staff, who was very professional, nice & smiling. Please transmit them our thanks.

Satisfied clients make us at KSE very happy!



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