Presenting Gothenburg in Shanghai

Sister Cities 24 Years

Business Region Göteborg celebrated 24 years as sister cities with Shanghai during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Politicians, public servants and business people from the sister cities gathered for two days of networking and business (18 and 19 of October) in the Swedish pavilion.

KSE was responsible for sound, lighting and video in the pavilion during the two days of seminaries, with speakers from Swedish and Chinese businesses and institutions. The seminaries covered issues for the future such as ecologically sound urban development, the life sciences and transport solutions for the future. Among the speakers there were participants from Volvo, SKF, Sahlgrenska, Göteborg Energi, Göteborgs Hamn. Gothenburg City was represented by the mayor Anneli Hulthén.

Triple and touch uppträder

In the evenings the pavilion hosted VIP-dinners with entertainment by Swedish and Chinese artists.  KSE was responsible for the sound and ligthing at these as well.

Commissioned by:
Space Production
Business Region Göteborg


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