Presenting Gothenburg in Shanghai

Sister Cities 24 Years

Business Region Göteborg celebrated 24 years as sister cities with Shanghai during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Politicians, public servants and business people from the sister cities gathered for two days of networking and business (18 and 19 of October) in the Swedish pavilion.

KSE was responsible for sound, lighting and video in the pavilion during the two days of seminaries, with speakers from Swedish and Chinese businesses and institutions. The seminaries covered issues for the future such as ecologically sound urban development, the life sciences and transport solutions for the future. Among the speakers there were participants from Volvo, SKF, Sahlgrenska, Göteborg Energi, Göteborgs Hamn. Gothenburg City was represented by the mayor Anneli Hulthén.

Triple and touch uppträder

In the evenings the pavilion hosted VIP-dinners with entertainment by Swedish and Chinese artists.  KSE was responsible for the sound and ligthing at these as well.

Commissioned by:
Space Production
Business Region Göteborg

KSE in Kuala Lumpur

KSE i Kuala Lumpur

A couple of weeks ago the KSE personel Jesper Olsson, Jonas Stenbäck, Jimmy Persson and Henrik Lago went to Kuala Lumpur to help the Swedish agency STARK set up a Global Marketing Council for a multinational enterprise.

This team brought the core know-how concerning video, sound and lighting to Malaysia from Sweden. They managed a technical delivery based on mainly local personel and equipment.

Helena Johnson, producer at STARK, was responsible for an inventive meeting concept. Combining low catwalks, unusually large screen areas and revolving chairs. The participants could easily switch between interacting with each other, following speakers moving around in the room and watching one of the three screens by turning their chairs.


The guests were exceptionally satisfied – standing ovations and close to a perfect score in the evaluation.

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(Photo: Karin Lagerlind)

International doctors among the cliffs of Bohuslän

The French event agency Pur’events contacted KSE for assistance with a dinner in Bohuslän nature. In connection with an international dermatologist congress in Gothenburg October 6 to 10 the were responsible for a dinner for invited doctors at the Watercolor Museum in Skärhamn.

Akvarellmuséet i Skärhamn

KSE was in charge of lighting and sound. An important part of the assignment was to create a good atmosphere for the dinner, but even more important was to give guests an experience of Bohuslän rocks, even though it was a dark and cold October evening. We lit the surrounding rocks to reinforce the impression of closeness to the sea and nature. A closeness that guests could enjoy through the panoramic windows inside the Watercolor Museum’s charming facilities.

That this first collaboration with the French Agency was to their satisfaction is quite clear in the letter we received a few days after the event:

The quality of your service, your availability and help really satisfied me. I know that everything wasn’t easy for you, and especially my recurrent emails & questions, but you were always available and nice to me, so thanks a lot ! But everything needs to be precise, and all the details are important!

The last thing important I wanted to say is a special thanks to all of your staff, who was very professional, nice & smiling. Please transmit them our thanks.

Satisfied clients make us at KSE very happy!


Starry autumn night

Last week, we at KSE helped arrange a dinner for four hundred doctors in Eriksbergshallen. Together with Space Production, we created a Caribbean beach with palm trees, sand and colored lanterns. On a 12 meter wide canvas we projected a recorded beach environment. The visitors enjoyed their drinks to the sound of waves, birdsong and oil barrel drums.

It was a great surprise when we released the backdrop where the sun had just set. Instead of the projected sea environment, the guests were now looking at dinner seating framed by an exciting underwater environment. Under a glittering starry LED sky and with sharks swimming around the walls, they could enjoy their dinner.

A successful event thanks to good cooperation with our friends Space Production and PS Communication .

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Technical Support, Press conference Saab in Trollhättan

Saab holds a press conference in Trollhättan where they announce a partnership with BMW. Saab will use an engine from BMW in next-generation Saab 9-3.

KSE delivered technical support. We made sure that journalists and camera crews got good sound quality. We did the lighting  and managed video technology and other technologies throughout the presentation. We also arranged media desks where journalists had access to power and the internet and peace and quiet to work.

Foto: Stig Hedström

Saab Automobile

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